Updated November 16, 2004: Added Drabble #1: Mirror. Added 8 new wallpapers: Frozen in Time, Burned Into Memories, Fire of Life, Ice of Death, Haunted, Time, Eternal Sleep, Burn, and Fragments.

Updated October 22, 2004: Added Fanfic category and 2 new fanfics: Shell Echoes and One Day. Added 1 new wallpaper: Torn.

Updated August 28, 2004: Added 3 new wallpapers: Bajoran Fred, Sorrow, and A Memory.

Updated August 1, 2004: Added 2 new wallpapers: Left Alone, Life Alone, and Hunted Survival.

Updated July 18, 2004: Added new music video: Dellyria. Added new wallpapers: She Still Remains, and Eternal Child.

Updated July 13, 2004: Added new wallpaper: Metamorphasis. Updated Series Shades of Fred/Illyria series with Fred Season 4.

Updated June 24, 2004: Added an award from Of Stakes and Spells for Best Character Site to Links Page. 5 Wallpapers, Effigy, A Head of Herself, Wasn't me!!!, Little Girl Lost, , and Cuts Like a Knife. Only thing down is Tacoes link :).

Updated June 6, 2004: 6 New Wallpapers, Fond Memories, No Remorse, Thirst for Life, Ice, Broken Pieces, and Happy Shell Girl.