Fred was born in Texas to a very normal family that would do anything for her. She was a genius and excelled in Math and sciences. She was moving to LA to go into the Graduate Physics program at UCLA. She graduated 3 years early so on her ending up in LA and then subsequently being pulled into a portal into Pylea she would have been 19 at the time. Not much is known about her 5 years in Pylea but its shown that it left her a bit insane which probably was a way to deal with Pylea itself. In pylea she was a slave who was able to run away and deactivate the collar on her which could be used ot hurt/kill her. She lives in her own cave which is a collection of many objects she has found and rather insane writings on her walls. When Cordelia is pulled into Pylea she meets the then 24 year old Fred and sees fred get dragged off for being a fugitive. Fred is set to be killed by decapitation by angel who saves her life and they end up in his cave where Fred is not bothered at all by seeing the truly demon side of angel, not the semi demonic side we see when he shifts into vamp face, but a much harsher one. Fred helps them to escape Pylea but on returning to LA all she does in the hotel is build herself another cave.

Three months later fred has still refused to even leave her room. And on entrance it is found to be entirely walls, doorways, etc. full of equations and sayings mostly telling people to go away. It takes a few more weeks to get her to leave her room wherein she ends up being hit on by angel, who is actually an old man in angels body, and then catching him and Lilah on his desk which causes her to run off crying where Cordelia finds her. She hits angel quite a few times in revenge. When they do get her to leave the hotel she ends up singing at Lorne's Caritas just as a gang of Gunn's old friends attack and hold her hostage. When Fred's parents show up Fred freaks out and attempts to run away when they finally find her they realize that it was just too much pressure to know Pylean had absolutely been real and she was afraid of how her parents would react. She thinks about going home and actually starts to but then realizing that she DOES have a place with angel investigations and decides to stay. She makes an interesting weapon that is referred to as either a decapitation device or a toaster. The next week fred learns something about how the men can be under a spell when both Gunn and Wesley attempt to attack her and kill her possibly. She outsmarts them and then forgives Wes asking him to come back to work. Fred ends up being the one with Angel and Darla when she gives kills herself to give birth to Connor. All thru the Darla days fred does not seem to really fear her unlike the others. She ends up being taken hostage once again by people wanting to use her head/brain for their purposes she is almost killed but Cordelia and the gang help save her. She ends up almost seeing Gunn die later on when they are at a ballet performance and loses it on him because of it. When wesley kidnaps Connor and then Connor ends up in a portal she freaks out due to the fact of what she went thru in pylea and how it would be affecting connor to go thru the same thing since he is a baby. She informs wesley not to return because angel will kill him and how the prophecy about angel killing connor had been fake. During a Slug infestation she is infected and starts to change becoming more dried out and being possessed by this slug demon though she does fight it better then the other guy who is killed. She is able to separate it from herself and actually talk to angel even during the whole possession she is saved by downing a bottle of vodka which makes the slug expel itself to save itself. Connor returns and she and the others attempt to make him welcome but it is not working very well this year for her ends with her and gunn being stranded alone in the hotel with no idea where angel or Cordelia have gone and gunn not wanting her to get in touch with wesley for help.

Fred finds out that connor had dumped Angel to the bottom of the ocean and shows up in his room with a snack for him as he is eating she starts ranting and then tasers him about 4 times ties him up and starts berating him Gunn has to physically stop her but Connor then tasers her to get away. Gwen a girl about to electrocute via touch shows up and as Fred helps the gang break into a place Gwen electrocutes gunn and kills him. She saves his life but later at the hotel fred goes insane on gunn because of him dying and leaving her alone. Fredís days in pylea have left her a fear of being alone. She ends up later in Vegas where she dresses up as a Lornette, green showgirl working for lorne, to infiltrate and help them save lorne. She is almost held hostage again but Angel saves the day. Cordelia shows up back but without her memory and Fred discovers that she was sent to Pylea by her teacher because she was too smart when he attempts to do it a few more times during a science speech she is giving on supersymmetry. Gunn finds her once again writing on the walls after the portal incident and when she is sure her professor did it she decides to kill him for what he did. They all attempt to stop her but she goes to wesley for help who gives her the info on how to send him into a portal himself. Gunn stops her before he dies and kills the professor himself. In an attempt to get Cordeliaís memory back she is left with the memory of only up to being about 17 she ends up helping to save the day but everyone is left over even more tense to each other then they were before. Fred is separated from all the others as the world becomes fire filled because of the tenseness of everyone. She ends up meeting Angelus whom she had no idea about before and he tricks her later Willow arrives and the two of them do a spell to give angel back his soul. Cordelia gives birth to a goddess where Fred is the first to see the real her, a maggoty dead faced girl. Because of her rejection of Jasmine everyone in LA is after her to kill her. She attempts to kill Jasmine and fails so later ends up shooting Angel to get him to see reality. The gang ends up killing jasmine and then later Fred and the others are offered jobs at wolfram and hart.

The time at wolfram and hart starts with Fred meeting her assistant Knox who is just a little bit too obsessed with her to be of the good. Her first mission with wolfram and hart is to cure a virus. Spike shows up and her mission for a bit ends up being attempting to recorporealize him. Fred is reprimanded for the amount of money she is costing wolfram and hart and when Spike is going to be pulled into Hell by pavayanne she is almost choked to death by pavayanne so spike wont be helped. Spike stays a ghost so she can live. Fred gets completely wasted at a Halloween party due to a suggestion by Lorne she is able to help at the end by shooting him in the head with his "sleep." She is the person used to show knowledge of weapons by wes to a group of thugs and is impaled thru the shoulder by a grappling hook she is later almost killed. Harmony at one point holds her hostage duct taped in a closet out of fear of her telling angel she drank a humans blood. She later ends up meeting puppet angel and almost being jokingly fired for calling him cute. Knox by now is so obsessed with her she has to put him down hard. Fred ends up being thralled by a coffin and breathing in some dust form it that leads to her being infected by Illyria. She dies in this because of Knox's obsession with Illyria being born out of her at first going rather crazy from it. Illyria is risen. Info on Illyria can be found here.